i haven’t posted anything in over a year, but will be posting again regularly starting March 2nd.  Come back again soon!  xoxo, Katie

Finnegan Maternity

these two are very old friends.  we adore them both, and it has been such a joy to watch their relationship grow over the last 10 years, and, most recently, watch them add to their family.  i am so behind on blogging that their sweet baby boy is already 10 days old.  yikes.



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Insta-Friday. I know, i know…

i know i said i quit Instagram.  and i did.  i didn’t have the app on my phone for 5 months.  i missed it alot for about 3 months, didn’t think about it for about a month after that, and then i thought for about a month about trying it again.  i missed sharing things with my friends and i missed seeing what my friends wanted to share with me.

so, this summer i jumped back in.  i went one toe at a time…started out slow.  i’m “swimming” a little differently this time.  for one thing, i’m only following people i know…like, in real life.  and for another thing, i’m only following 45 people (as opposed to 100+ last time).  i guess i could add a few more, but i was trying to only follow people that i interact with pretty regularly.

i know it sounds stupid because i’m talking about social media here, but i’m also trying to really discipline myself as far as what i allow myself to post.  i don’t want to take myself too seriously, but i am always going for a picture that is visually pleasing, tells a story, and is something i haven’t ever posted before.  and i really try to only post once a day.

here are my shots from this month and last…

pool party.

did this invitation for a very old friend (i think we’ve known each other since 3rd grade!).  her daughter and her nephew have birthdays very close together.  they celebrated their first birthdays together with a pool party.  mom sent me some ideas off of etsy but i needed to make them a little more my style….not quite so literal.  i used some stock images, which i’m not usually super happy about, but i thought these were cute…love the bright colors and bold graphic feel.

wilson maternity

these two are very near and dear to us and have been for a long time.  this was my first time photographing them (and their first time being photographed since their wedding 9 years ago!) and it was a really great time…mr. wilson was much better behaved than i’d thought he’d be.  (thanks, double.)

out of the gate with a pose that i request every single maternity session.  i never get tired of it.  family of 3….

these guys have so much fun together.  he’s lucky he got a girl who thinks his weirdo humor is hilarious.

i know, right?!?!  isn’t she ridiculous?!  STUNNING.

i lost the white shirt/belly in this one, but i still had to post it.  Nic, you are such a beauty.

baby boy is due any day and we are soooo excited to meet him!!

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