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i’m pretty sure that the personality trait of mine that i get most annoyed with is my spontaneous motivation.  i constantly get in WAY over my head because i get a great idea and just HAVE to make it happen right away.  usually it’s not until an hour or two into the project that i realize this is going to take 10x the time and twice the amount of money i had in mind (or the other way around).  this was an example of that spontaneity, but thank goodness it didn’t keep me from making dinner for my family or cause me to be late picking someone up.  i got several of these cool little projector screens from my grandma’s attic.  when we moved in last year, i didn’t have money to spend on decor, and i didn’t have the time to do anything elaborate (no idea why that stopped me then).  i wanted a verse in his room so i just took one of the screens and a sharpie went for it.  i think it turned out cute…not centered like it should be, but i’ve learned that imperfection is often the price of spontaneity.  because of the not-being-centered thing, my eye likes it better when something overlaps the side.  it was a star last week…now it’s a vintage model plane.

maitland room verse-1maitland room verse-2

so ANYWAY the whole reason i put these pictures up is because i just digitally re-worked the design a bit and here it is if you want to take it (it’s just an unprotected image…i still haven’t figured out how to make a downloadable thing…ANY HELP??).
joy of the Lord

a few months ago, i started reading aloud to my girls every night.  (we’ve been reading before bed their whole lives, but this is like me reading a book with no pictures and they just lie in bed and listen.  not a new concept, but new to us…and we are all loving it.)  most recently, we’ve been reading the Kit Kittredge series (American Girl).  i had low expectations, but these books are excellent.  it’s to the point now where the girls tease me because i cry almost every single night when i’m reading.  the setting is the Great Depression and Kit grows into such a compassionate, hard-working, and generous kid.  makes me tear up just thinking about her.  :) ANYWAY.  one of the cool things about the book is that it explains many of the ways that people in the Depression made money stretch and used things in many ways, over and over again.  very interesting stuff…creativity at its best, really.

even though i have several hours a week in my studio, i’m feeling really short on time for “work” these days.  i’ve always struggled with time management and giving me more “free” time has never really helped.  as of late, i’m struggling with balancing my custom orders with trying to sell cards and things on the side, and with finding time to give my own ideas life.  i’ve been selling the same 4 or 5 cards for about a year, and i was VERY sick of them, so i took a look through some of my painting archives.  not all paintings are ideal for a card or a print, but i found some that worked.  here is the first of a few i’ll be adding in the next few weeks…

prov 3 5&6 card blog-1

this is one that i have to admit i wanted to have printed just because the colors are so happy (and actually, the yellow is much brighter than this in person…not as buttery).  and it’s one of my most favorite passages.  the card is now listed in my Etsy shop and square prints are available (though you’ll have to e-mail me…they’re not in the shop yet).  i love the image below because it really shows what great quality cards these are…really thick, gorgeous paper.

prov 3 5&6 card blog-2

i don’t photograph weddings very often, but was more than willing to shoot this one for a super special friend and her awesome other half.  had i not been the photographer, i would’ve been a guest…but it was really great to sort-of see this day from an outside perspective.  it was so laid back, so fun, and, in my opinion, just what every wedding should be: a genuine CELEBRATION of love and commitment.  it was an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer in south florida, but no one complained…happiness for the bride and groom, combined with a beautiful post-rainstorm beach trumped any grumpiness about the humidity.

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hey y’all (assuming there are more than one of you…).

i’ve decided to put a free printable quote out into the world every so often.  here is the first.  [i probably should’ve figured out how to make it a downloadable pdf…but it’s too late now.  just click on it and you should be able to copy it to your desktop or whatever.  leave a comment or email me if it doesn’t work.]