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when i clean off my desk, i find things.  brilliant concept, i know.

i sorted through some things last week and i found this card that i’d made awhile ago…  no idea why i made it, but i think it’s cool and wanted it to be another “freebie” for anyone who wants it.  whatever way you choose to use it, you’ll have to print it on a white background.  if you’d like a psd with a transparent background and even different colored letters, i’d be happy to sell you one through a custom listing in my etsy shop.  otherwise, happy copying/pasting!



maybe the title should say “REJOICE!  Katie finally blogged again!  and 2 days in a row!”  haha

cousins 4x5 card-2cousins 4x5 card-1

This card is a baby version of a huge 4×5 painting i did in a friend’s house a few years ago.  I have to say that it is one of my most favorite pieces I’ve ever had my name on.  The scripture is SO relevant for any and all stages and seasons of life, and I loved the color scheme that they gave me.  i had to digitally alter the image a bit (cropped out a section) to get it to fit on the card…hated doing that, but it’s better than no reproductions at all.

cousins 4x5 card-3so REJOICE! this card is now available in my Etsy shop.  it is a 5×7 folded card, printed on gorgeous high-quality felt cardstock and it comes with a sturdy white envelope.  $5 shipped.

earlier this year, i redecorated our kids’ jack-n-jill bathroom (new vanity, mirror, light fixtures, beadboard paneling, and paint).  when i was done, after 3 weeks of work, i didn’t have much money or creative energy left, but i knew the main wall above the paneling needed something.  i had such a hard time figuring out what to put there… i knew if it was photos or words, the kids wouldn’t be able to really see them unless they were huge (that part of the wall is much higher than their heads, and the bathroom is really long and skinny).  i had an idea to paint something on the wall, but then decided against that…wanted something dramatic, but that would take less time than a mural, be less permanent, and be more 3-dimensional.

when we installed the new vanity, we had to buy a jigsaw because the plumbing in the wall was much lower than the inside of the vanity cabinet.  easy fix, AND i was super excited that we finally had a jigsaw.  i wanted another excuse to use it….thus, the giant plywood sun idea was born.  i googled it a few times to try to get a good visual of my idea, but never could find exactly what i had in mind.  so i just bought the $20 piece of plywood and winged it (typical).  i got my van in the picture so you could see how big this piece of wood was!

plywood sun in progress-1plywood sun in progress-2plywood sun in progress-3plywood sun in progress-4plywood sun in progress-5plywood sun in progress-6plywood sun in progress-7


  • plywood
  • mental template
  • pencil or Sharpie
  • jigsaw
  • paint or stain (i used very-watery craft paint.)
  • brad-nailer (or you could certainly use hammer/nails or drill/screws)

plywood sun blog-1WHAT I DID:

  1. Bought a cheap piece of plywood.
  2. Sanded it.
  3. Drew the basic outline of the type of sun I wanted (I used a nail and string/pencil to do the semi-circle, and a yardstick for the rays).  Obviously you could do any shape you want… the possibilities are endless!
  4. Lifted the plywood onto sawhorses and cut along my pencil lines.  (I eventually put all kinds of random things from out of the garage under the cut sections of wood, because I was scared the rays would break off without support…i really wish i would’ve gotten a better picture of all the junk i used to hold up the wood…it was kinda hilarious, but the rays were obviously super fragile, so the junky support was necessary!)
  5. Carefully set the completed shape onto the driveway.  (I highly recommend putting down a drop-cloth first, especially if your loving husband has recently painstakingly pressure-washed your driveway.)
  6. Painted the wood and let it dry.  (I used watered-down craft paint…basically made a stain out of it, because I really wanted the grain of the wood to show through.  And the manufacturer’s stamps show too, which i like.  Basically, I wanted to make sure it still looked like raw wood, only yellow.)
  7. Carried it inside and tried not to have a heart attack while doing so.  (I’m telling you, those rays were SO fragile!)
  8. Got that baby up on the wall!

plywood sun blog-2plywood sun blog-3(a view of my girls’ super messy room.  you’re welcome.)
plywood sun blog-4


  • you may have noticed that the completed sun on the driveway doesn’t look exactly like the one on the wall.  that’s because when i got the piece inside (so precarious!) and lifted it up into place, i realized i had totally measured wrong and the sun was about 8 inches too high.  so i had to trim it.  then i rested it on the trim and nailed it in place with a brad-nailer.  after i got it up, i thought it “needed something”, so i ran out to the driveway and cut some random triangle shapes out of the scraps, and then nailed them up next to the mama sun.  DONE.
  • i wasn’t 100% happy with the color when i got it on the wall, but i just let it go…decided i’d already used up all the time and energy i had for the project.  and now i’m perfectly fine with it.  that’s party because….
  • even though it is a huge sun, it really isn’t a focal point because of where it is in the room. actually, that bathroom doesn’t really have a focal point because it’s so long and skinny!  it’s impossible to see every wall all at once.  i think the sun is more of a pop of color from any angle (case in point in the mirror pic below).

plywood sun blog-5i am really happy with how it looks….one project that turned out almost exactly like i’d envisioned it.  and it miraculously took the amount of time i’d allotted (i think it was right around 3 hours).  i also love the fact that it could possibly be hung somewhere else when i get sick of it in the bathroom (which is inevitable…and probably next week haha).

here’s to quick projects with big impact!

  • kathleen crumMay 21, 2015 - 2:42 pm

    I’m always so impressed with your creativity! I absolutely love this and need to hire you brain when we move to the farms!ReplyCancel

  • JennyMay 27, 2015 - 2:25 pm

    bright and happy! LOVE it!ReplyCancel

i’m pretty sure that the personality trait of mine that i get most annoyed with is my spontaneous motivation.  i constantly get in WAY over my head because i get a great idea and just HAVE to make it happen right away.  usually it’s not until an hour or two into the project that i realize this is going to take 10x the time and twice the amount of money i had in mind (or the other way around).  this was an example of that spontaneity, but thank goodness it didn’t keep me from making dinner for my family or cause me to be late picking someone up.  i got several of these cool little projector screens from my grandma’s attic.  when we moved in last year, i didn’t have money to spend on decor, and i didn’t have the time to do anything elaborate (no idea why that stopped me then).  i wanted a verse in his room so i just took one of the screens and a sharpie went for it.  i think it turned out cute…not centered like it should be, but i’ve learned that imperfection is often the price of spontaneity.  because of the not-being-centered thing, my eye likes it better when something overlaps the side.  it was a star last week…now it’s a vintage model plane.

maitland room verse-1maitland room verse-2

so ANYWAY the whole reason i put these pictures up is because i just digitally re-worked the design a bit and here it is if you want to take it (it’s just an unprotected image…i still haven’t figured out how to make a downloadable thing…ANY HELP??).
joy of the Lord

  • JennyApril 14, 2015 - 6:30 pm

    very coolReplyCancel

  • Cheryl (Hobbie) BrownMay 14, 2015 - 11:49 am

    Hi Katie! I pinned your artwork, and am planning to use your idea to write on a chalk board for our local church. And as I progressed, I see it was from our own Katie Hobbie! I’m so excited! Nice work! Keep it up!
    You are so inspirational!!!!ReplyCancel

a few months ago, i started reading aloud to my girls every night.  (we’ve been reading before bed their whole lives, but this is like me reading a book with no pictures and they just lie in bed and listen.  not a new concept, but new to us…and we are all loving it.)  most recently, we’ve been reading the Kit Kittredge series (American Girl).  i had low expectations, but these books are excellent.  it’s to the point now where the girls tease me because i cry almost every single night when i’m reading.  the setting is the Great Depression and Kit grows into such a compassionate, hard-working, and generous kid.  makes me tear up just thinking about her.  :) ANYWAY.  one of the cool things about the book is that it explains many of the ways that people in the Depression made money stretch and used things in many ways, over and over again.  very interesting stuff…creativity at its best, really.

even though i have several hours a week in my studio, i’m feeling really short on time for “work” these days.  i’ve always struggled with time management and giving me more “free” time has never really helped.  as of late, i’m struggling with balancing my custom orders with trying to sell cards and things on the side, and with finding time to give my own ideas life.  i’ve been selling the same 4 or 5 cards for about a year, and i was VERY sick of them, so i took a look through some of my painting archives.  not all paintings are ideal for a card or a print, but i found some that worked.  here is the first of a few i’ll be adding in the next few weeks…

prov 3 5&6 card blog-1

this is one that i have to admit i wanted to have printed just because the colors are so happy (and actually, the yellow is much brighter than this in person…not as buttery).  and it’s one of my most favorite passages.  the card is now listed in my Etsy shop and square prints are available (though you’ll have to e-mail me…they’re not in the shop yet).  i love the image below because it really shows what great quality cards these are…really thick, gorgeous paper.

prov 3 5&6 card blog-2