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i don’t photograph weddings very often, but was more than willing to shoot this one for a super special friend and her awesome other half.  had i not been the photographer, i would’ve been a guest…but it was really great to sort-of see this day from an outside perspective.  it was so laid back, so fun, and, in my opinion, just what every wedding should be: a genuine CELEBRATION of love and commitment.  it was an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer in south florida, but no one complained…happiness for the bride and groom, combined with a beautiful post-rainstorm beach trumped any grumpiness about the humidity.

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hey y’all (assuming there are more than one of you…).

i’ve decided to put a free printable quote out into the world every so often.  here is the first.  [i probably should’ve figured out how to make it a downloadable pdf…but it’s too late now.  just click on it and you should be able to copy it to your desktop or whatever.  leave a comment or email me if it doesn’t work.]


my newest niece lives in Amsterdam (along with her amazing mama and super great papa).  today is her first birthday.  i haven’t seen her in person since she was 6 months, and we won’t see them again until July.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ESTELLA!!!  you are a beautiful JOY.  kisses from aunt katie!  xoxo

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(some shots from the glorious first/last time she was in our house.)

i am really bad at self-promotion.

i think it’s partly because i feel like once i start talking about myself and what i do, there’ll be no stopping me, so i always try to just keep my mouth shut about it.  ha!  however, i’ve decided that if i want to sell anything, i should probably inform people that there are items for sale.  seems logical…

{ahem…clearing my throat…}

DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE AN ETSY SHOP?  DID YOU KNOW THAT I SELL CARDS AND PRINTS THERE?  …and i also take orders for custom paintings…and i also have a few things for sale at Shoppe 561 in west palm.

i’ve just spent the morning ordering some new card designs, and will hopefully be adding them to the shop sometime in the next few weeks.  these aren’t new, but they are currently for sale and give you an idea of my product…usually smaller versions of paintings i’ve done in the past.  they are carefully printed on a thick, velvety paper and come with a solid white envelope (or kraft, if you prefer).

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